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New Surface lineup reportedly facing Sound and WiFi problems

Microsoft recently announced the new New Surface lineup, which includes Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X and more. Sadly those devices, Surface Pro 7 and Surface Lap 3, housing Intel AX201 driver has been hit by a […]

OneNote 2016 support extended

Microsoft OneNote 2016 support extended

OneNote had been popular among those who regularly indulge in Office products. It had been especially used to manage ToDo list, jot down notes quickly and more. That said, Microsoft OneNote end of life was approaching, but the number of […]

Wayback Machine Save Page Features

Wayback Machine rolls out new and improved Save Page feature

Wayback Machine is an online service that archives websites, pages, documents, and many other things. If you ever wanted to see how a website looked when it was a couple of years of months back, then this is where you […]

Avast Network Breached VPN

Avast Antivirus Network breached through insecure VPN Profile

It looks like a VPN as a service is not having a good day. NordVPN is already under fire about its Private keys being leaked, and data decrypted on one of its servers, and now Avast Antivirus network has been […]

NordVPN Hacked

NordVPN confirms that it was hacked after Private keys were leaked

Irony! We all use a VPN, keeping in mind everything is private and secure, but then it looks like the risk is everywhere. NordVPN is one of the popular  VPN services has confirmed that it was hacked sometimes ago. The […]

How to update the dev environment for Windows 10 1909

There will be no new Windows SDK for Windows 10 1909

Windows 10 1909 will soon become available to general consumers, but as usual, they will be first available for developers. Intresting part is that Microsoft Windows Team says that there will be no new Windows SDK – but if you […]

Microsoft Office 2010 to reach End of Support in One Year

Every Software reaches its end of Support, and Office 2010 will reach its end of support on October 13th, 2020—One year from now. Microsoft strongly advices that Businesses and Home users should consider upgrading to Office 365 or 2019, whichever […]

Update iCloud for Windows to Protect Against Ransomware (Bonjour)

Update iCloud for Windows to Protect Against Ransomware (Bonjour)

We just talked about Windows 10 Upgrade assistant vulnerability, and now we are reporting another one – iCloud Bonjour updater exploit. Reported by  Threatpost, the vulnerability in Bonjour updater for Apple software on Windows can be used to install Ransomeware […]

Facebook launches Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating launched

We all know how much data we have given to Facebook. Right from relation status, to what we do, connection to a spouse, log everything that is happening with our life. That’s a personal choice, but that has given a […]

Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal 0.4 Preview Update brings improved features

Microsoft’s Windows Terminal is the modern version of the terminal like Command Prompt, PowerShell and WSL, It brings features including multiple tabs, Unicode and UTF-8 character support, a GPU accelerated text rendering engine, and custom themes, styles, and configurations. In […]

epub Edge stop support

Microsoft Edge to stop ePub format reading support

Microsoft has shared that the Edge browser will no longer support e-books which use .epub file extension. Reading eBooks had been one of the strongest features of Edge, but this one particular extension is bring dropped. It is most widely […]

Microsoft Edge Beta

Microsoft Edge Beta Channel is now available

Microsoft Edge team released Canary and Dev builds back in April. Technically these builds are less stable and get more frequent updates. Today, they have rolled out Microsoft Edge Beta channel. It is now available on all supported versions of […]

Driver vulnerability puts millions of Windows users at risk

Drivers in Windows make sure that the device can talk to the Windows OS. The exchange of information goes as deep at the Kernel level. Any vulnerability in the drivers can impact a majority of devices and can let access […]

MetaDefender ICAP with Windows Defender

MetaDefender and Windows Defender partner for Hybrid Platforms

MetaDefender is an Advanced Threat Prevention Platform for preventing and detecting cybersecurity threats on multiple data channels. Microsoft has partnered with  OPSWAT’s MetaDefender and made it available for on-premises and hybrid cloud Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) scanning. While there is […]

Microsoft and Samsung partner to bring productive apps on Samsung devices

Microsoft and Samsung announced some incredible partnership at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event. Samsung not only has announced a Windows Laptop — Galaxy Book S, but also spoke about the significant collaboration is the availability of Microsoft apps on Samsung Galaxy […]

Jio Microsoft Partnership

Microsoft and Jio partner for custom solutions on Azure

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (Jio) recently made some big announcements as they move into the Broadband segment with their JIO Fiber Broadband offerings. It includes a free 4K LED TV and 4K Set Top Box. The offer will go Live […]

Icebreaker App for Microsoft Teams

Icebreaker app for Microsoft Teams will help promote team bonding

Microsoft Teams is a great way to manage a team, create meetings, and manage tasks. If you have a big team, it becomes important to make them comfortable with each other. This is where the Icebreaker app for Teams come […]

Windows Calculator Android iOS Web

Windows Calculator now available for Android, iOS and the Web

Microsoft has been a massive fan of Open Source for a couple of years, and just like how they developed the Windows Terminal, they also open sourced Windows Calculator. Today it has been made available for Android, iOS and the […]

Windows Terminal is now available on the Microsoft Store

Windows Terminal, the modern avatar of the Command Prompt, is now available in the Microsoft Store. While Command Prompt, Power Shell, and other terminals are going to stay, but with Windows Terminal, Microsoft has put up a command line interface […]

Facebook launches Libra Cryptocurrency

Facebook launches Libra Cryptocurrency

In the race of Cryptocurrency, Facebook has announced its plan for its Cryptocurrency — Libra. Like any other, Libra is powered by Blockchain technology. Interesting to note that it’s going to under the non-profit Libra.org Association, which is backed by […]

Google Earth for All

Google Earth to work on Firefox and other browsers too

Like many other services, Google Earth till now had been only supported on Chrome. It was not about being competitive, but it was instead the technology that was required for Google Earth to work. It was released as a native […]

firefox logo

Mozilla Firefox to get a new logo

Firefox first came into existence in 2002 with its evolutionary browser which made everyone switch to it. While many use Google Chrome now, but Firefox has its legacy for doing a lot of things first. Fast forward, Firefox is not […]