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Changing browser experience

Microsoft Beam2 is now live globally

Microsoft Beam2 Live is now available globally. After being in its Beta trial version for a few months, the major update to Beam is now available for users globally. Matt Salsa Mendi, co-founder of Beam, announced this major update via […]

Cortana Search is returning Nil results for many in Windows 10

Windows Firewall is reportedly blocking Cortana Search in Windows 10. Many users have recently reported this issue on Reddit so if your Windows 10 PC is showing black search results, you are not the only one. The issue initially looked […]

Australian Department of Human Services achieves full Windows 10 deployment

More of Australian citizens can now get a faster and more personal access to Windows 10 services. Microsoft Consulting Services and Windows team together with Australia’s Department of Human Services recently achieved full Windows 10 deployment for its 35,000 employees […]

WhatsApp adds Video Call Support to Windows Mobile, iOS, Android

WhatsApp video calling is now available for Windows mobile, iOS, and Android devices. After being rumored and tested for long, the most anticipated feature of Video Calling is finally launched for its users across the popular platforms. Announcing the latest […]

You can now use Skype as a Guest with no Download or Sign-up

Skype gets easier, quicker and more convenient. You can now enjoy a Skype video call with any of your friend worldwide without even downloading the app. After adding some new features in Skype for Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the company […]


Web of Trust (WOT) Add-on taken down by Chrome & Firefox

The Web Of Trust (WOT) add-on was removed silently by the popular web browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox soon after it was reported on German media that the add-on ‘Web Of Trust’ collects and sells the browsing history of […]

Microsoft to end Support for Windows Essentials 2012 in January 2017

Windows Essentials 2012 Suite will reach the end of support by January 10, 2017, says Microsoft. We have been using the applications of Windows Essential Suite, like Live Writer, Movie Maker, Mail etc. for years, but with the end of support, […]

Office 2013 will now be able to block Macros

Office 2013 now has the protection against Macro-based malware attack. Seeing the significant increase in Macro-base infections lately Microsoft has added the macros blocking feature in Office 2013 which blocks Macro virus from loading in the high-risk scenarios. While this […]

Skype gets improved call infrastructure and other new features

Microsoft has modernized Skype with new looks, a new set of features for Android and iOS users and improved call infrastructure. Added are the announcements of new mobile sharing experiences and Skype for Business Mac. Skype New Features Improved Call […]

windows server

Microsoft announces the launch of Windows Server 2016

Windows Sever 2016 was officially launched in Ignite Conference in Atlanta. The cloud-ready operating system brings a bunch of new features, functionality innovations, and a few security updates. Announcing the new server Microsoft Windows Server Team said, “It is a […]

Project Malmo available as Open Source: Use Minecraft for AI research

Microsoft’s artificial intelligence system Project Malmo is open source. Project Malmo established back in June this year is an AI platform built on top of Minecraft. The key is to create a system which surpasses human intelligence and help us […]

Lenovo PC

Lenovo Android Devices to come preloaded with Microsoft Apps

After LG, Samsung, Asus, Sony, Dell, and Xiaomi, Microsoft is now ready to strength its strategic partnership with Lenovo. The Redmond giant recently announced via blog post that the Lenovo premium devices running on Android will now come preloaded with […]


Accessing Torrent sites in India may land you in jail now

If you visit a Torrent website in India, you might get sentenced for a period of 3 years in jail, with a fine of 3,00,000 INR. TheIndian Department of Telecommunications have been ordering a ban on torrent websites offering pirated […]

nEnhancer Chrome extension reportedly indulging in malicious behavior

nEnhancer Chrome extension is indulging in malicious behavior, says a report. A network and security consultant recently reported that the extension is indulged in malicious behavior. As per the report, the extension works as a fraud affiliate, hijacks the users […]

microsoft edge browser logo

Users facing issues while installing Edge browser extensions

While Microsoft keeps on working on bugs of Microsoft Edge, users are still facing some issues while installing Edge browser extensions. As per the Microsoft Community page, many users are facing issues while installing the Microsoft Edge extensions. Earlier this […]

Vivaldi browser now lets you customize themes to make it more colorful

The feature packed browser, Vivaldi will now be more colorful, powerful and safe. While Vivaldi already has several in-built themes, the most recent version comes with some more interesting themes and better options of customizations. Vivaldi 1.3 comes with new […]

Microsoft talks of Windows 10 Gaming developments in the past one year

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is here and while the company is celebrating the first birthday of their greatest operating system ever, there is something more to add on. According to the stats revealed on the official Windows blog, this first […]

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Firefox 48 released; Disables unsigned addons, supports safe downloads

Mozilla Firefox 48 is out as a stable channel and available for download. Besides mandatory add-on signing, this major update brings some notable changes and a few functionality improvements including WebRTC enhancements. New Features in Firefox 48 The latest version […]

Anant Maheshwari to become new Microsoft India president

Anant Maheshwari, former top executive at Honeywell will soon take over as the President of Microsoft India. He has been working as India President in Honeywell and been known for his notable business leadership roles for over 12 years. Before […]

Microsoft launches Microsoft Pix camera app For iOS

With their focus on providing cross-platform services, Microsoft recently released a photo app Microsoft Pix for iOS users. If you are a lens lover, this app will certainly get you drooled over. Microsoft Pix is a feature rich app which […]

Microsoft announces new Windows 10 Pro Education edition

Microsoft has announced a new Windows 10 Pro Education edition along with its Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The education-specific default settings of this new version include removal of Cortana, Windows Store suggestions and basic tips and tricks of Windows 10. Windows […]

Viber for Windows 10 now available for download

After being in Beta version for more than a month, the full version Viber is now ready to roll on Windows 10 for public. Microsoft has finally announced the free download of Viber App for all Widows 10 devices. Viber […]

Microsoft has some exciting offers for you in the Windows Store

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is almost ready for its public release. Announced back in the month of June, Windows 10 Anniversary Update is scheduled for a public release on August 2nd and Microsoft recently shared the features and offers you […]

Xbox One S to be put on sale on August 2

The much awaited 2TB Xbox One S will hit the market shelves on August 2, says Microsoft. The device, however, will now be made available only in the selected regions namely: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, […]