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outlook.com premium

Microsoft testing new Outlook.com Premium Email Service

A new feature-rich and add free Outlook.com will soon roll out for users worldwide. Microsoft, the software giant is currently testing a premium version of its email service Outlook.com. The service which is named as Outlook Premium is free for […]


WhatsApp messages are now entirely encrypted

All your WhatsApp communications and data are now fully end-to-end encrypted, says WhatsApp. After more than a yearlong signal protocol integration, WhatsApp finally has announced that all your messages, calls, photos, videos are completely encrypted end-to-end. WhatsApp messages encrypted WhatsApp […]

HP announces redesigned HP Spectre with Windows 10

HP today announced their redesigned HP Spectre powered by Windows 10. This new and redesigned HP Spectre comes with an exceptionally stunning design and improved performance and functionality with full Intel Core i5 or i7 power. Designed with durable aluminum […]

India to get updated Cortana, this summer

India will be getting an updated version of Cortana this summer, says Microsoft. During a session at Annual Conference Build 2016 in San Francisco, Cortana’s Group Programme Manager Marcus Ash announced that India will be among 13 nations to get […]

cnbc passwords

CNBC shared your Password with Advertisers

CNBC website silently shared your passwords to third parties, according to reports. CNBC’s blog The Big Crunch, recently published an article “Apple and the construction of secure passwords,” offering tips on how to create a secure password. CNBC shared your […]


Xamarin is now free and integrates completely with Visual Studio

In its day 2 keynote speech at Microsoft Annual Build 2016, Microsoft announced that Xamarin will now be in every edition of Visual Studio for no extra cost. Scott Guthrie, executive vice president at Microsoft announced that Xamarin cross platform […]

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming this Summer

Microsoft today announced its biggest update in the annual Microsoft Build Conference 2016 in San Francisco. Originally codenamed as Windows 10 Redstone update is now termed as the ‘Anniversary Update’. Besides celebrating Windows 10’s first anniversary, the main objective of […]

Ubuntu soon to run on Windows 10

You may soon be able to run Ubuntu on Windows 10. The Redmond giant Microsoft has reportedly partnered with Canonical with a goal to bring Ubuntu on Windows 10. Users will now be able to run Ubuntu as a subsystem […]


Petya Ransomware overwrites MBR and locks you out

Do NOT open any suspicious job application from your mailbox. It could be the Petya ransomware, discovered lately by security firm Trend Micro. Petya Ransomware is a new malicious program which overwrites the MBR (Master Boot Record) of your PC […]

Microsoft makes available Office 365 Connectors for public use

Microsoft now has made its Office 365 Connectors available for their customers. Announced back in November 2015, Office 365 Connectors deliver relevant content and updates from various apps straight to your Office 365 Groups. Office 365 Connectors As posted by […]

Ixquick search engine to merge with StartPage

The Ixquick search engine is soon to merge with StartPage search engine. The Company recently announced the merger via their official blog. As per the stats revealed by the company, StartPage, the search engine launched in the year 2009 has […]

Chrome will redirect Windows Desktop Searches to your default search engine

Chrome browser will now onwards be redirecting all your Windows desktop searches to your default search engine. Windows desktop web searches on Windows 10, so far are performed by Microsoft’s default search engine Bing, no matter what your default search […]

Skype Translator now speaks Arabic

With a focus on improving the human connection worldwide, Skype added Arabic as its new spoken language. Skype Translator will now speak Arabic. With the newly added Arabic language, Skype Translator now supports eight spoken languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin), German, […]

Outlook Mobile, a good alternative to Mailbox, says Microsoft

The Mailbox app is closing today, and Microsoft suggests to shift to Outlook Mobile. Moreover, Microsoft promises to add some key features of Mailbox app to Outlook Mobile. Over 30 million users have been using The Mailbox App as their […]

Facebook new Reactions/Like button

Facebook’s new Reactions/Like button is now available globally

Facebook Like button now gives you the choice to select your ‘Reactions’ buttons to express your emotions. Back in September 2015, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about adding a Dislike button on Facebook, however, these not exactly the Dislike buttons but […]

Microsoft to acquire Xamarin, a platform provider for mobile app development

Microsoft is ready for its next acquisition of this year. Xamarin Inc., a leading platform provider for mobile app development will be the next name in the list Microsoft’s procurements. With a focus to based software development tool maker. Microsoft […]


Huawei announces Windows 10 Device MateBook

The MateBook, Huawei’s a Windows 10 laptop cum tablet was announced yesterday, a day before World Mobile Congress. The Chinese firm Huawei had been making Android based tablet so far and this is the first ever Windows device launched by […]

Cyber Security Trends 2016: Safeguard your Businesses

Cyberattacks are on the rise and the midmarket companies are the major targets as they hardly use any data protection. A recent report published by Intel security states that 80% midmarket businesses don’t use data protection and are open to […]

Surface now approved for U.S. Department of Defense

The Surface family of devices are now fully certified for the U.S Department of Defense, says Microsoft Devices Team. Surface family of devices including Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 and Surface 3 have met the strict security and interoperability requirements […]

Upgraded Outlook.com out of preview – Comes with new features

Microsoft finally announced a new look and many new features for its webmail service Outlook.com. Back in May, last year, Microsoft promised an upgraded Outlook.com and many new features. The Company has finally decided to take the preview label off […]

Windows 10 Mobile Update History page

Microsoft launches a Windows 10 Mobile Update History page as well

Microsoft now has a dedicated history page for Windows 10 Mobile Phones too. After releasing a dedicated Windows 10 Update History page to the official website, Microsoft now has the same plans for Windows 10 Mobile too where users can […]

SourceForge to stop Installer bundles after its acquisition

SourceForge Media has finally decided to end DevShare program as a “first order of business.” Slashdot and SourceForge businesses, together known as ‘Slashdot Media were sold to BIZX, LLC by DHI Group, Inc. earlier this year. The deal was completed […]


Chinese company to probably buy Opera software

Opera software recently got a buyout offer of $1.2 billion from internet focused Chinese consortium which includes Kunlun Tech, Qihoo 360, and some investment firms including Yonglian. Qihoo is one of the most notable internet firms of China and Kunlun […]

Microsoft acquires Groove, the Music App

Microsoft has finally acquired Zikera’s Groove app and the year old confusion is finally solved. Back in July 2015, Microsoft renamed Xbox Music to Groove but there was no official word about any such acquisition or deal. There is no […]


Google offers 2GB Extra Space on Safe Internet Day

Safe Internet Day is here again and Google is again offering additional 2GB space in your Google Drive. All you need to do is to complete a Security Checkup of your privacy settings and you get the free 2GB of […]

Compromised WordPress websites delivering mysterious Ransomware

Some of the WordPress websites you are visiting might leave some crypto-ransomware on your machine. A recent report posted by the leading security firms state that a new mysterious hack campaign uses compromised WordPress websites and redirect users to a […]