Latest Bing news.

Bing Trends reveals top searches of 2012

So what has Americans been searching for this year? Base on the aggregation of billions of search queries, Bing Search has released a list of the top searches performed by Americans and presented them in the form of a report […]

Bing publishes Webmaster Guidelines & announces Webinars

Bing has announced the release of its Webmaster Guidelines. These guidelines are not exhaustive and do not include deep  technical answers – they are meant to serve most website owners understand the broad strokes of search marketing. Bing Webmaster Guidelines […]

Track and get up-to-the-minute information of US Presidential Elections from Bing

For all those interested in US Presidential Elections and looking for a timely source to find what’s happening, here’s a surprise. Bing, the search engine from Microsoft announced a new portal for tracking up-to-the-date information about US Presidential Elections scheduled to be […]

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Microsoft advises Safari users against using Google, to teach it a lesson

Microsoft’s latest marketing campaign for Bing sets it clear: “Drop Google as your primary search engine. Adopt Bing”. And it backs this with substantial proof about misdoings of Google when it tracked users who search through Safari which was later […]

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Microsoft Advertising renamed as Yahoo Bing Network; adCenter as Bing Ads

Microsoft has renamed Microsoft Advertising as Yahoo Bing Network. Yahoo Bing Network will now be the new official name for their combined search marketplace. The adCenter platform will henceforth be called as Bing Ads. Today we are pleased to introduce […]

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Microsoft challenges Google with ‘Bing it on’ campaign

When it comes to search engines, Google still holds the numero uno position but Microsoft feels the other way! According to it, users prefer search results of Bing (a search engine from Microsoft) to Google in a 2:1 ratio. These […]

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Bing now lists Britannica Online Encyclopedia Answers in Search Results

A few weeks ago, Microsoft introduced the Social Search feature to Bing by integrating the best search results from the popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Now Bing is – kind of – competing with Google’s Knowledge graph feature, […]

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Unlock a new prize everyday with Bing Holiday Calendar

Bing has launched its holiday promotion for the season. The first-ever Bing Magical Holiday Calendar is offering eligible visitors (US only) a month of free offers, sweepstakes and inspiration to make this holiday special. It’s daily holiday magic—sweet sweepstakes and cool […]

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Microsoft replaces Bing with Yandex as default search in Windows Phone

Microsoft has decided to replace its own Bing Search with Russia;s most popular search engine Yandex, as the default search engine on Windows Phone mobile devices to be sold in Russia. Yandex has partnered with Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Microsoft […]

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Bing Central launched

Bing Central is now open. Need a place to explore Bing services and features by completing fun missions, manage your Bing Rewards account, redeem great rewards in the redemption center and access account support as well as your profiles and […]

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Facebook launches inline translation tool using Bing Translator

Facebook has launched a new translation tool that will now let its users to translate posts directly inline on Facebook Pages through Bing Translator. This service will prove to be very useful for people who want to translate a particular […]

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Bing Search home page gets a video wallpaper

Check out It displays a dynamic moving image rather than a plain static image and is currently available for US-only markets, but will be rolled out to international markets, in the coming months. If you have an HTML-5 enabled […]

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Bing Search will now power Yahoo Search in India and 5 EU countries

It was just last week that Yahoo had announced that they had transitioned their algorithmic results to Microsoft in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, New Zealand, Peru and Venezuela. This week, 6 more countries have been added. Now Yahoo searches in India, […]

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Microsoft, Google, Yahoo partner for better search results.

Yes you read it right! Microsoft’s Bing, Yahoo and Google have joined hands to improve web search results. These companies have launched a new website which consists of a common set of HTML tags that webmasters would use to mark […]

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Bing to be the default Search provider on Blackberry devices

At RIM’s annual Blackberry World, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced a that Blackberry devices will use Bing as the preferred search provider in the browser, and Bing will be the default search and map application for new devices presented to […]

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Why has Bing Siteowner been discontinued?

Microsoft has discontinued This is not surprising. Microsoft had issued a public notice on February 4, 2011 about its intentions to shut down this service.

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Microsoft launches Bing Business Portal

Microsoft today launched the Bing Business Portal, a new service from Bing to help business owners create and control their online listing, making it easier for their customers to find them on Bing. With it, owners can even create deals […]

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Bing to present search results influenced by Facebook Like’s

Last year, Microsoft collaborated with the social networking giant Facebook to discover more things with your friend’s ‘Like’. Microsoft is now expanding the Facebook “Liked Results” which promotes the links shared or liked by your friends via Facebook.

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Bing Image Search gets a new Landing Page

Bing has just announced a feature update. Its Image Search now has a new re-designed landing page. The new Bing Images landing page assembles the top searched images so that you can get a quick snap-shot of some of the […]

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Bing launches free mobile apps for Android and iOS; skips WP7

Android and iOS get some Bing love ! In the spirit of the holiday season, Bing has launched free mobile applications – Snowboard Hero and Powerboat Challenge for iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) and Holidays 100 for Android […]