Latest Bing news.

Bing Translator app for Windows now available as a free download

The Bing Translator app is one of the ‘must-have’ apps I consider for my Windows and its availability on the Windows 8 Store is plain good news. The Bing Translator app for Windows is now available for download from the […]

Bing releases Bing Sitemap Plugin

After releasing the Bing Sitemap Plugin (Beta) a few months back, Bing now is has now officially launched the final version of the Bing XML Sitemap Plugin 1.0. The plugin is now available for all to download and use.  Bing Sitemap Plugin allows […]

Bing News gets Trending Topics feature & expands Index

Microsoft’s attempts of making Bing more than a web search engine certainly seems to be going in the right direction. Month’s after making changes in the way the AutoSuggest feature works in Bing, the software giant has come up with […]

Bing integrates Facebook comments and Likes in search results

Bing and Facebook are now strongly integrated, allowing its users to interact with their Facebook friends directly from the search result page. Bing users who have connected their Facebook accounts to Bing can now interact with their Facebook friends directly using […]

Smart Motion Preview

Bing introduces Smart Motion Preview, goes one-up against Google

With the introduction of “Smart Motion Preview” on videos viewed on, Microsoft has gone one-up against Google. You compare both and you will find that Smart Motion Preview on Bing offers you a quick preview of the video you […]

Updated Bing Weather App for Windows 8 gets a dynamic map

A few days back Apps for Windows 8, that is News, Finance, Weather, Sports, Maps and Travel were refreshed and were rolled out a significant set of updates across the apps except the Bing Weather app. Today the Bing Weather […]

Bing Offers launched

Microsoft Corporation officially launched its online shopping portal ‘Bing Offers. This happens less than a week before the official date of’s shutdown. The portal plans to cover almost every possible commodity and service available out there. However, as a start, […]

Majority prefer Bing results labeled as Google: Study

A survey carried out by SurveyMonkey, asked participants to choose which one they preferred – Bing results labeled as Google and Google results labeled as Bing results. The majority of people preferred the results labeled Google. The course of the […]

Bing adds Klout; Klout adds Bing & Instagram

Klout yesterday came up with some exciting announcements including its integration with Bing and Instagram. As per the announcement, Klout will now integrate users’ Bing as well as Instagram accounts.  Klout and Bing With its new official partnership with Bing, […]

Bing Search introduces Autosuggest Ghosting feature

Bing has made a change in the way the AutoSuggest feature now works in its Search. In a blog post, Microsoft showcased some subtle changes it has made in its autosuggest algorithm and the interaction design behind it. Specifically, Bing […]

Bing introduces ‘Bing Pulse’ to promote Online Political Discussions in US

In an effort to promote participation of the US citizens in online political discussions and provide their real-time feedback on their President’s speech, Bing is organizing a new real time, online public opinion tracker for President Obama’s upcoming State of The […]

Its time to break up with Google, says Bing

1 in 10 people have ended a relationship on Valentine’s day, arguably the most romantic day of the year. This year Bing is challenging people to reconsider their search habit and break up with Google. “You wouldn’t keep dating someone […]

Bing Releases Five New Apps For Office 2013

Microsoft today rolled out five new apps for its new productivity suite i.e. Office 2013. These apps are geared toward integrating work templates with search functions. The software giant released its 2013 version of Office and its subscription-centric version Office […]

Microsoft expands Bing Tags at a broader public scale

Last year in July, Microsoft’s Bing division had launched Bing tags which allowed users to tag themselves and their friends in pages across the web. Stepping ahead, the Bing team announced the feature availability of Bing tabs over a more […]

Bing Search adds more Facebook results in its sidebar

Microsoft’s Bing and Facebook have forged a strong partnership over the years and taking this forward is the announcement of the availability of more Facebook features to the Bing sidebar. Not just this but it also introduced a host of […]

Facebook chose to partner with Bing to bring Web Results in Graph Search

While launching the Graph Search tool in a press event yesterday, Facebook came up with a “one more thing” trick and announced its partnership with Bing, the Microsoft search engine.  Announcing this partnership Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that they […]

Bing ranks No.2 in U.S. Search Engine Rankings

ComScore Inc., a global leader Internet analytics company today announced Bing at number two, in U.S. Search Engine Rankings for the month of December 2012. ComScore Inc. today released the monthly report on comScore qSearch analysis on US search market. According to the report 69.1% […]

Bing now includes a State-of-the-Art Speller

Microsoft claims Bing is more than a search engine. The company believes it’s more a type of decision engine that provides useful tools to help its users make more informed decisions and get what they want fast. Now, it even […]

Bing introduces new search design for image results

Bing, the search engine from Microsoft is upping its ante by introducing a host of new features and changes in the User Interface, web portal etc. from time to time. From today, Bing has rolled out a new experience for […]

Microsoft Updates Bing Desktop; Supports Windows XP and More Languages

Bing Desktop app previously enjoyed by only Windows 7 users is now available with all its modern versions. The latest update of Windows OS already brings a slew of Bing-powered apps, but the Bing Desktop app is somewhat like the […]

NORAD to track Santa this year with Bing, and not Google

It was just a few days back that NORAD had released a Santa App for Windows 8. What many of us may have missed noticing is that this time NORAD will not be using Google to track Santa this time – […]

Don’t get Scroogled! Bing warns Holiday shoppers against using Google Shopping

Don’t get Scroogled, says Bing! Microsoft’s search engine, Bing has launched a campaign to help explain to holiday shoppers the risks of Google Shopping’s Pay-To-Rank practice called “Product Listing Advertising,” where the results which you see on Google Search are […]

Bing Trends reveals top searches of 2012

So what has Americans been searching for this year? Base on the aggregation of billions of search queries, Bing Search has released a list of the top searches performed by Americans and presented them in the form of a report […]