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Third party App developers are reading your Gmail messages, Google responds

A recent Wall Street Journal report has revealed that third-party app developers are reading Gmail messages of users and that too without needing any special permission. Apparently, the report takes a dig at Google for allowing many third-party app developers […]


Gmail to stop reading your emails

The long-standing practice of scanning users’ email contents inside Gmail to deliver targeted ads has been stopped by Google. Yes, this activity will no more be pursued by Google, owing to privacy concerns. Privacy advocates have been pressing for this […]

Google will block .js (JavaScript) attachments in Gmail starting Feb 13

Lately, scammers and cybercriminals have renewed the use of email-based attacks and a part of this includes deploying the payload by integrating it as a Macro in a Word documents. This along with the Javascript that runs on infected clients […]


Google adds custom Snooze option in Inbox

You can now snooze your emails according to your own preferences. In its recent update to Inbox by Gmail app, Google added a customizable Snooze button and a quick access to Contacts. By default, the snooze times are set to […] hacked in China following Gmail block

Following the ban on Gmail imposed by China on Dec 26 2014, it seemed the government services also attacked Though the web interface was not affected with the hack, all email clients were unable to access Outlook via SMTP, […]

Gmail now lets you send emails to your Google+ contacts

Google has pushed a new feature that integrates its email client, Gmail and social network Google+ in a very handy way. Gmail users will now be able to send emails to people they have in their Google+ circles. This feature has outdone […]


Microsoft makes it easier to switch from Gmail to users earlier were allowed to import Gmail mails, but now Microsoft has made it much easier & convenient to switch from Gmail to Microsoft today announced a service that will make easier than ever to import Gmail account […]

Gmail gets a New Inbox on Desktop and Mobile

Google has been quite a lot busy these days updating many, almost all of its services. Gmail is one of those services getting an overhaul. The Product Manager Itamar Gilad via Official Gmail Blog announced the new features to the newest […]

US and Canada to get free Gmail Voice Call through 2013

Google announced that it will be offering free Gmail voice calling for another year in the US and Canada. Google Product Manager Mayur Kamat made this entry to the blog. Many of you call phones from Gmail to easily connect with friends […]

Google announces 10 GB file transfers in Gmail

Google Drive and Gmail have teamed up for a new project to allow their web mail service users send enormously large files across Internet. The company has declared it would allow its users to insert files of up to size […]

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Gmail Chat adds bigger Video Chat Window and Higher Resolution

Gmail video chat has rolled out new enhancements such as higher resolution to video chat in Gmail and bigger video chat window. Now the feature is currently on labs section, where you need to enable the video chat enhancement labs […]

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Gmail unveils new Priority Inbox feature

GMail has introduced a new Priority Inbox feature! This new Priority Inbox feature in Gmail automatically sorts out emails according to the importance. Google has been introducing a few enhancements to the Gmail user interface.

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Gmail increases the ‘Undo Send’ time to 30 Seconds

Google’s Gmail has a beautiful Labs feature which is must use for every one of us. Many a times, we are worried, when we accidentally end up send a mail without the attachment. In such cases we wish we could […]

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Gmail Now Supports Multiple Logins in a Single Browser

Google has just enabled the multiple account login option for Gmail users, using the same browser. So now if you are having multiple Gmail accounts and want to access all of them in the same browser  you can now do […]

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GMail adds drag, drop, save attachment to desktop feature

Google has added a new feature to GMail. If you are using Google Chrome browser, you can now drag, drop and save file attachments onto the desktop. Dragging and dropping files is an easy way to save time .