Latest Windows Apps news.

Updated Bing Weather App for Windows 8 gets a dynamic map

A few days back Apps for Windows 8, that is News, Finance, Weather, Sports, Maps and Travel were refreshed and were rolled out a significant set of updates across the apps except the Bing Weather app. Today the Bing Weather […]

Official Twitter client for Windows 8 released

After a long wait, Twitter has finally released its official app for Windows 8 today. This was announced on Windows Blog as well as the Twitter blog. There were already some Windows 8 Twitter Client apps like Tweetro, MetroTwit, etc available, but this […]

Microsoft to document Security Updates for Windows Store Apps

Sending out updates for the Windows 8 can be seen as a routine job for Microsoft, who delivers these updates to the user machines on the second Tuesday of the month. But when it comes to updating the Apps live […]

MBE Review: Second-most expensive App in Windows Store is out

Most Apps available in the Windows Store for download are free but some are not. These are paid apps and require you to shell out few bucks before buying them. Although a bit expensive these apps help you get first-hand […]

SkyDrive app for Windows 8 gets an update; adds Live tiles

The SkyDrive app which comes pre-installed in Windows 8, has received an official update, which adds the functionality of showing live tile to the app. Now the app can show live tiles and shows you notifications when you add new files to your […]

Windows Phone Next App Star Contest Open For Developers Worldwide

If you are a registered Windows Phone developer, this might be good news for you. With an intention to use some marquee apps for its mobile platform Microsoft is launching its “Windows Phone Next App Star” contest today.  The company […]

Microsoft announces the Windows Startup Challenge

Microsoft, in association with Startup Weekend and DEMO, has announced the launch of the Windows Startup Challenge. The initiative has been launched with the idea of promoting the development of apps and accelerating their progress from prototype to development to […]

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Windows Phone Marketplace gets 75,000 new apps in 2012

Microsoft launched Windows Phone operating system back in 2010 with 1,000 apps available initially in the first week. With the increasing popularity and developers base, Windows Phone platform had reached a total of 50,000 apps by the end of last […]

Windows Store crosses more than 20K Windows 8 apps…or is it 13K?

It’s been exactly a month since Windows 8 was launched publicly for consumers all over the world and has had a steady run when sales figures are considered. However, much before the launch date, developers were busy burning the midnight […]

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Microsoft launches ExcelMashup to let developers create web apps quickly

Microsoft has introduced a website called ExcelMashup, which allows you to create rich and interactive data mashups quickly. The process is pretty simple. You can get started developing with Microsoft Excel Web App on SkyDrive using JavaScript in 3 quick […]

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Microsoft to discontinue Microsoft Reader

Microsoft has announced that its Microsoft Reader will no longer be available for download wef from 30th August 2012. Microsoft Reader is a free, downloadable software application that allows you to read eBooks on Windows-based devices. New content for purchase […]