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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft focuses on Startups for Cross Platform apps

The next few months will see Microsoft tapping into the different startups that currently provide apps for different platforms. The recent past has seen Microsoft acquiring Acompli, Sunrise and similar app startups. The aim is to get the app startups, […]


NPR One app is now available for Windows device users

Windows device owners will now have better access to daily news, as NPR One app is now available for free on Windows PC’s, Tablets and Phones as a Universal App. NPR One is a new audio application that takes you […]

Microsoft To Bring Android Apps To Windows Phone and Tablets

At the time of writing this article, there are two different marketplaces for Windows 8.1 apps. One is reserved for apps that are meant to be run on Windows PC and the another one is much popular, containing apps for […]

Microsoft Metro Apps now called Universal Windows Apps

Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 at an event in San Francisco, leapfrogging Windows 9. The new windows upgrade Microsoft claims is scalable across broad set of devices (from 4-inch screen smartphones to 20-inch desktops). The Windows Store or Metro or Modern […]

Microsoft revamps Bing apps as MSN apps

From the last couple of days, rumors revealing the plans of the Redmond-based tech-giant, to rebrand the Bing apps were in the market. Various sources predicted that the Bing Finance app was going to become MSN Finance, but instead it […]

Windows Apportals

Microsoft launches Windows Apportals

Microsoft launched Windows Apportals, a Windows 8.1 app that has the ability to incorporate the complete Line of Business (LOB) into modern, touch-based experience. What is Windows Apportals Windows Apportals is based on a simple concept for converting LOB into […]

Popular Solitaire game arrives in Windows Phone Store

The popular solitaire game from Windows desktop operating system has arrived on Windows Phone store. Solitaire is a collection of several card-centric games that have made their way to the mobile ecosystem. These games include Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, TriPeaks and […]

Age My Face app for Windows 8.1 lets you see your future self

Have you ever wondered what you will look like, when you grow old? Don’t worry, there is an app on Windows Store that is now available, which will help you do just that. Popular software firm, PurplePenguin has brought its top-chart […]

Amar Chitra Katha Windows 8 app

Microsoft and Amar Chitra Katha launch Windows Store app

There was a time when kids in India were crazy about Amar Chitra Katha and the stories about Indian fables, mythology, history & literature that it told via its paperback comics. In fact, a whole generation grew up reading Amar […]

Microsoft Project Siena lets anybody create Windows 8 apps

Coding is the new black. Thanks to a slew of free online courses, and encouraging messages from Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Will.I.Am and many other personalities, the message that programming is going to play a very critical role in coming […]

Microsoft’s 3D printing app 3D Builder now available for Windows

3D printing has now reached a stage where it is not bizarre anymore. Everyone has at least heard about it, and it is safe to presume that this technology will go mainstream in coming months, if it has not already. […]

Official Vine app arrives on Windows Phone app store

As announced at the Abu Dhabi event, a lot of popular apps are now arriving at the Windows Phone store. The latest addition is the popular video taking and sharing app by the social networking giant Twitter, Vine. Twitter also […]

Mail App

The Mail App in Windows 8.1 gets improvements for the Enterprise

With the release of Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1, a much improved version of the Mail app has been provided. We had seen some of the improved features in our earlier blog post. Apart from these features, the new Mail […]

Translator App for Microsoft Office Store launching today

Today is International Translation Day, and on this occasion, Microsoft is going to launch a Translator App for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint users. Microsoft feels that with the growing technology, the world is coming closer and language should not be […]

Bing Apps to bring new experiences to Windows 8.1

Bing, after revealing it new logo and design this week, now highlighted the new apps that would be included into the Bing apps suite, which would be included in Microsoft’s all new Windows 8.1. Rolling out as a free update […]

Torrex brings BitTorent to Windows RT

The much longed quest to have a BitTorrent client on Windows RT has now come to an end, as Torrex Beta becomes available at the Windows app store. BitTorrent is infamous for snowballing piracy. With abundant BitTorrent clients available for all […]

Twitter for Windows 8 updated, supports Multiple accounts, Lists

The Twitter app for Windows 8 has just been updated. Apart from bug fixes, it has some improvements too such as it now supports multiple accounts and lists. This was a much requested feature and users must now be glad […]

Windows 8 Store apps count crosses 100,000

Windows Store, the only source of Windows 8 apps has now set a record of passing 100,000 apps mark. It was just around a week before when Microsoft acclaimed that Windows Store will reach the 100K apps mark soon during […]

SkyDrive Pro apps for Windows 8 and iOS released

Microsoft has announced the release of SkyDrive Pro apps for Windows 8 and iOS. These are now available for download at the Windows Store and Apple Store respectively for SharePoint Online users in Office 365. SkyDrive Pro app for Windows 8 […]

Endless Skater App for Windows 8 released

The software manufacturer –Microsoft has officially released a new and exciting game for all the Windows’ games lovers. Endless Skater for Windows 8 can be run on a Windows PC, Desktop or tablets running windows RT. Endless Skater for Windows […]

Microsoft Launches New Ads Within Apps : Ad Pano

After experimenting with its various ad platforms, Microsoft has now come up with a new ad format “Ad Pano” with latest and interactive adverts. Redmond-based software giant has teamed up with some leading media agencies like VML, UM, Worldwide, Rooster, […]

Bing Translator app for Windows now available as a free download

The Bing Translator app is one of the ‘must-have’ apps I consider for my Windows and its availability on the Windows 8 Store is plain good news. The Bing Translator app for Windows is now available for download from the […]


Itsdagram becomes #1 selling application on Windows Phone

There is no stopping Itsdagram now! Doesn’t matter if it is available only in a paid version, it does not deter Windows Phone users downloading it.  Such has been the popularity of this Instagram application that it has seen over 22,500 downloads in […]