Latest Windows Updates news.

Microsoft to roll out Windows 7 SP1 via Windows Update automatically

Starting tomorrow, that is March 19th 2013, Microsoft will start offering Windows 7 Service Pack 1 via Windows Update. It is now almost two years now since Windows 7 SP1 was made available as a direct download for users to install […]

Microsoft to document Security Updates for Windows Store Apps

Sending out updates for the Windows 8 can be seen as a routine job for Microsoft, who delivers these updates to the user machines on the second Tuesday of the month. But when it comes to updating the Apps live […]

Microsoft Surface Owners Experience Windows Update Issue again

Microsoft Surface community forum lately has become a busy place for reporting issues related to a firmware updates. The Windows Update has become a cause of problem for many! It is refusing to load successfully to Surface devices and even […]

Microsoft fixes loophole present in Windows Upgrade Offer

Soon after Windows 8 was launched, Microsoft announced an exclusive offer for present Windows 7 users to experience the new Windows 8 environment through a simple upgrade. This upgrade would cost them a meager US $14.99 (INR 699) against the […]

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Microsoft releases a final 170 MB Windows 8 Update before GA

After releasing updates for the default Windows Store Apps in Windows 8 recently, Microsoft is all set to release a final update via Windows Updates, for the new operating system, before its General Availability. General Availability Cumulative Update for Windows 8 This […]

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More Windows Vista SP2 Languages Released to Windows Update

The first wave of languages (English, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese) was made available in May 2009, on Windows Update at that time. Today, Microsoft is releasing the remaining languages for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 SP2 to Windows […]