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Susannah Lindsay quit her job a few years back to settle down in a life of domesticity. She has been living in Los Angeles for the last three years, and enjoys following new gadget releases and the latest happenings on the technological front.

WhatsApp Messenger – Now available for Windows Phone 8

WhatsApp Messenger, the very popular  smartphone messenger is now available for Windows Phone 8. WhatsApp is already available for Windows Phone 7, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Nokia phones, but the new version now supports Windows Phone 8. WhatsApp Messenger is […]

2012: A year of Microsoft Milestones

Year 2012 was a significant year for Microsoft. The company not only released its latest OS for Windows-based PCs and Windows Phones (Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8) with a new logo but also introduced to the world its first-ever […]

Google rolls out Google Play Magazine Service for its UK Residents

Google, earlier today revealed it is rolling out Google Play Magazine service for its UK residents owning Android devices. Finally after much waiting Google Magazines has  opened its pages for the UK readers! Until now, no information was available with […]

Google Maps Reveals Images of Buildings In Japan Affected By 2011 Tsunami

Google, a year ago started digital archiving project, a street view imagery that provided an overview of the damages done in the North-eastern Japan that were affected badly by earthquake and tsunami in March 11, 2011. After travelling through the […]

Microsoft Socl gets a new design – Introduces a Me Page!

The experiment by Microsoft a year earlier (December 2011) has taken a new turn now. Microsoft’s social-search project – Socl, a hybrid between social networking and search has been opened up in the beta stage for people to test it. Originally, […]

Yahoo fined $2.7 Billion by Mexican Court

Yahoo! the US Internet giant has been ordered by a Mexican court to pay a huge amount of $2.7bn in fines. The struggling Internet Company has however issued a defiant response to the ruling claiming the verdict is without merit. […]

Outlook app for Android released

Android users who use Outlook or Hotmail as their main email service provider are going to love this piece of news! Microsoft has developed and released an Outlook.com email app for Android devices. Windows Phone and iPhone devices support Exchange ActiveSync and […]

GivingTuesday: A time to give back and do something meaningful

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday is over, there is a new day that you need to know about – and that’s Giving Tuesday! Around 1,000 organizations, businesses and charities in the U.S. have come together to promote the […]

MasterCard launches interactive touch-sensitive Payment Card

The day couldn’t have been very far now could it? Regular plastic credit or debit cards may soon go out of style! MasterCard has launched a next-generation interactive payment card, or security token card, using MasterCard’s Display Card touch technology. […]

IBM retires the Lotus brand

It’s all business! IBM has been uttering this line after quietly announcing last week its plan to discontinue Lotus, the brand which it once bought in 1995. Lotus has had a reputation for innovation and supporting new ideas, be it […]

Firefox will warn users if Search Engine is hijacked

Any unknown activities caused by risky add-ons or extensions serve malicious purpose. They sometimes aim to change or alter your browsing behavior by modifying the home page and/or change your search engine. Taking note of this, Firefox has decided to introduce a new […]

Chromebook launches new website – Gallery For Everyone

Google has launched a new website that will allow Chromebook users to upload and share their photographs. Named “Gallery For Everyone“, the website is meant for newly weds, for moms, for computer lovers, for computer haters, for parents, for kids, […]

Gmail adds its 57th language today: Cherokee or ᏣᎳᎩ

This is interesting! A Google engineer, working on internalization of Google services and products, while carpooling it back to San Francisco, met Vance Blackfox, a member of the Cherokee Nation. The meeting kick-started a collaboration which resulted in Cherokee or […]

Microsoft launches Safer Online Teen Challenge

Protecting and maintaining your online privacy is recognized as the top priority by Microsoft. It even helps you defend yourself against any online risks by building innovative technologies – including handy tools to help parents safeguard children online. Microsoft Safer […]

Skype Preview for Windows Phone 8 released

As announced on October 29 at Windows Phone 8 launch event, the preview version of the Skype is now available for download from the Windows Phone Store. Skype Preview for Windows Phone 8 Like others versions, the preview version of […]

Microsoft begins airing Windows Phone 8 commercial

Last month, Microsoft started airing television commercials for its latest OS – Windows 8. Now, the software giant has started airing its first commercials for Windows Phone 8. The first TV commercial on Windows Phone 8 will be a 1 minute 3 […]

Google Chrome 23 with Do Not Track feature support released

Microsoft was first to start supporting the ‘DO NOT TRACK’ feature in its proprietary browser – Internet Explorer. Later, Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Opera followed suit, but Google’s Chrome trailed behind. Not any more! Google has released Chrome version […]

Windows Messenger Replaced With Skype

Windows Live Messenger, the 12-year-old program used for instant messaging has been put to sleep in favor of Microsoft’s recently acquired Skype program. Skype allows you to use your Microsoft log in, similar to  Messenger and other Microsoft technologies. Brian […]

Track and get up-to-the-minute information of US Presidential Elections from Bing

For all those interested in US Presidential Elections and looking for a timely source to find what’s happening, here’s a surprise. Bing, the search engine from Microsoft announced a new portal for tracking up-to-the-date information about US Presidential Elections scheduled to be […]

Microsoft sued over use of Live tiles in Windows

Barely a week passed when Microsoft launched the newest OS – Windows 8, the company has started facing lawsuits. This one is a Portland based OS development company, SurfCast. The self-proclaimed operating-system designer headquartered in Portland, Maine alleges that the software giant […]

Chrome Remote Desktop loses Beta Tag, Adds Useful Extras

Google last year developed a desktop sharing tool, an extension called Chrome Beta Desktop for its widely popular browser – Google Chrome. The plugin allowed its users to remotely access a computer at another location through the Chrome browser however, […]

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Firefox Metro Preview for Windows 8 announced

One of the most loved web browsers, Mozilla Firefox has now announced the first preview release of it Firefox browser for Windows 8. Mozilla on its blog announced the first preview release of the browser. Here is a short summary of the features […]

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ATIV Windows 8 Tablet announced by Samsung

Along with the release of Samsung’s ATIV S Windows 8 Phone, Samsung has also announced ATIV Windows 8 Tablet. This tablet is simply amazing as it is a combination of a Windows RT and ARM processors, which are quite in […]