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Nokia overtakes Samsung with highest market-share in Russia

When your hard work pays off in the form of great results, you can’t help but sport a smile and that’s exactly what the mobile team at Nokia must be doing – flashing a wide grin after news broke out […]

Microsoft invites you to vote for your favourite Bing wallpaper

Earlier, the Bing team at Microsoft had asked for photo submissions that portray the essence and beauty of American cities through the Bing Hometown Homepage Contest. The best photo gets to be featured on the Bing homepage for a day. […]

Stephen Elop is an internal CEO candidate: Steve Ballmer

As the next Microsoft CEO race gained momentum, there came news of Microsoft acquiring Nokia’s Devices and Services division for US $7.17 billion followed by mass transfer of all the working executives and employees in this division from Nokia to […]

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire in 12 months

In an unexpected announcement, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that he will be retiring from his present role as the company’s CEO within 12 month from now, indicating the start of the process for choosing his successor. “There is never […]

Win an Xbox One from Microsoft through the Upload Outreach Program

Excited about the new Xbox One console? Well here’s a chance to win one from Microsoft through the Upload Outreach program. The Upload Studio in Xbox One allows users to automatically record footage of games and later upload them at […]

Microsoft launches website to help PC users go Green

Nowadays, manufacturing a PC involves a lot of care, not just if the software and/or hardware is compatible or not but also if the material used in developing the PC is environment-friendly. And with today’s society inching close towards a […]

Microsoft to build a new $677 million data center in Iowa

Microsoft has announced its plans of building a new US $677 million data center in West Des Moines in the state of Iowa. The new project will serve as an expansion to the already existing data center there and will […]

Instagram adds Video options to its app

Being the undisputed best app in the photos category, Instagram has now introduced Videos to help users shoot beautiful motions from their daily life. When users enter the app to take a photo from Instagram, they’ll see a new Video icon […]

Get a free 3-year subscription to DreamSpark Standard for all CAS schools

DreamSpark is a great initiative from Microsoft to help students access the latest developer tools from Microsoft from free. On the same lines, Microsoft and Computing at School (CAS) have worked together to provide a free 3 year subscription (normally […]

Is ‘The Internship’ at Google worth a watch? Yes definitely!

As a movie buff, I was pretty gung-ho about The Internship – a movie about two dudes who win an internship opportunity at Google – one of the biggest tech giants in today’s world. It seemed even more interesting when […]

Bing Translator app for Windows now available as a free download

The Bing Translator app is one of the ‘must-have’ apps I consider for my Windows and its availability on the Windows 8 Store is plain good news. The Bing Translator app for Windows is now available for download from the […]

The Cost of Annoying Ads? Very high, says Microsoft Research

The concept of ads is very tricky, I should say. It helps people earn some money, while for the end-user,  the whole experience may be helpful, but sometimes irritating too. But then in today’s life, one cannot do away with ads […]

Microsoft makes fun of Apple and Siri in new Windows 8 commercial

The Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920 advertisement was one of a new kind from Microsoft where it boasts about the advantage of a Windows Phone against competitors’ devices. This slick Windows 8 ad is another where Microsoft takes Apple’s best […]

Microsoft announces new Kinect device for Xbox One

During a special press event today at the Redmond headquarters, Microsoft took to the stage to reveal the next generation gaming console named as Xbox One. Coupled with this announcement, Microsoft also revealed the all-new Kinect sensor which will come […]

Microsoft introduces Xbox One, the next generation gaming console

After building up huge social media frenzy about the next generation Xbox gaming console, Microsoft finally unveiled the wraps, revealing the all new Xbox One gaming console during a special press event held at its Redmond headquarters today. Xbox One […]

Yahoo! acquires Tumblr for US $1.1 billion

The rumor mongers won this time as Yahoo! indeed went ahead and acquired blogging service Tumblr for US $1.1 billion. Tumblr was suffering from a financial deficit of late and Yahoo!’s acquisition might just give it a shot in its […]

Windows 8? Customers are just upgrading to Windows 7, says Dell !

This might come as news but in a surprise revelation, Dell stated that corporate customers are right now upgrading to Windows 7. And Windows 8? Well it still is a far cry, says Dell! During its Earnings Conference call, Brian […]

YouTube now offers live streaming to channels with more than 1,000 subscribers

In welcome news, YouTube announced that it’ll soon start delivering live-streaming facilities for YouTube channels with more than a thousand subscribers. In a blog post screaming ‘We’ll do it live’, YouTube announced that any channel with more than 1,000 subscribers […]

Microsoft launches Xbox Wire – a new blog for Xbox news

The next-generation Xbox is to be revealed on May 21, 2013 and keeping the buzz alive, Microsoft today launched an official blog for its Xbox division calling it as Xbox Wire. For long, Microsoft has been devoid of an official […]

Microsoft sold 130,000 Xbox units in April 2013

Xbox 360, the gaming console from Microsoft, continued its successful run in the U.S. market when it maintained its position as the top-selling console, selling more units in April 2013 than any other platform (PlayStation and Nintendo being the main […]

Google demands shutdown of YouTube app for WP8; Microsoft responds

It seems that Microsoft and Google are destined to always be at loggerheads. At Google I/O, it was known that Google demanded Microsoft to take down its newly launched refreshed YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 because it violates Google’s […]

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet to be available in UK from May 23

After much ado, Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet will be available for sale in the UK region from next week (May 23, 2013), moving along on Microsoft’s goal of ensuring availability of both the Surface tablets in increased markets all across […]

Amy Hood is the new Chief Financial Officer at Microsoft

Microsoft today announced Amy Hood as the new Chief Financial Officer, succeeding outgoing CFO Peter Klein who plans to remain at Microsoft through the end of June to ensure a smooth transition. Amy Hood takes charge as the Chief Financial […]