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Dell and HP to sell and service Surface Pro tablets

Microsoft is planning to expand the distribution of its Surface tablet to get more of such devices on the office desks and help it promote the growth of its established business. To this effect, the software giant has partnered with […]

Surface 3 4G LTE

Unlocked Surface 3 4G LTE is arriving late August

Microsoft has announced the availability of the Unlocked Surface 3 4G LTE Tablets across the US starting July 24th. However, before the end of the day, the company came back with a quick clarification that the unlocked version of the […]

Surface Tablets

Microsoft Surface Tablets could debut in India soon

Microsoft’s Surface Tablets could soon debut in India as the company looks to gain leverage of selling devices with upcoming OS Windows 10. Not available in India yet, the company offers 2 models – Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 […]


Surface 3 up for Pre-order at Costco Website

World’s third largest retail site specializing in bulk sales – Costco has come up with a deal for Microsoft Surface lovers. The device Microsoft Surface 3 is now available for pre-order through Costco’s website. The retailer website is rolling out […]

Surface Team Reddit

Surface team answers queries about Surface 3 at Reddit AMA

Just few days back Microsoft announced the all new Surface 3. To answer various questions on Surface 3 , Panos Panay Corporate VP at Microsoft and his Surface Team did a Reddit AMA. Here are some of the questions and […]

Microsoft to release the all new Surface 3 in May 2015

The all new Surface 3 is set to release in May 2015. Do not confuse it with Surface Pro 3 as the Surface 3 is result of researching on a tablet that is below the cost of Microsoft Surface Pro […]


Microsoft makes Surface Pro 3 MSI available for download

Microsoft offers software updates via Windows Update, but there are some users who don’t prefer using the automatic updates, or cant use them. Considering this issue, Microsoft has come up with a solution for customers that can’t or don’t use […]

Microsoft buys N-Trig, the Surface Pen maker

Continuing its series of acquisitions, Microsoft is now buying N-Trig, the company that provided stylus for Surface 3 Pro. The transaction details as to how much is Microsoft spending to acquire the stylus maker firm is undisclosed at the time […]


Surface Pro 3 gets a $100 discount

If budget was a constraint that stopped you from purchasing Surface Pro 3, you can now get it easily. Microsoft is offering a limited period discount on almost all models of Surface Pro 3. The tablet or rather, convertible, is […]

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Surface 2 is dying… Not anytime soon though!

Soon after its Jan 21 2015 event, Microsoft announced that it will no longer be manufacturing Surface 2, the device running Windows 8 RT. The news associated with this announcement say that it was the need for ARM processors that […]

Details of Microsoft Surface Hub For Business Meetings

Business meetings are important and a lot of things happen there. People come up with new ideas and collaborate on them. Heavy brainstorming happens and then the results are combined into a plan that needs to be carried out. All […]

Surface Pro 4 to be Long Term Evolution capable

If reports are to be believed, Surface Pro 4 will be LTE capable. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, a successor to 3G connectivity. It means that the Surface Pro 4 would be able to support cellular data transmission with […]

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Microsoft highlights benefits of Surface Pro to Manufacturing Businesses

Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup keeps getting better. The company has done a fine job in transforming a confusing concept (naming convention) into a compelling product. Earlier, users complained the hardware supported by the device wasn’t just good enough. Microsoft has […]

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) for Surface Pro 3 gets several new features

Sometime earlier when an Adobe executive announced that the Adobe’s applications would be updated to support Microsoft Surface nothing special was noted. Fast forward five months, things have transformed! Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen were seen […]

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Surface Pro 3 be available in 25 more markets

If you are a Surface Pro 3 fan, Microsoft has a good news for you. Surface Pro 3, which is one of the most talked about Microsoft devices, will be available in 25 more markets beginning on August 28th. The […]

Surface Pro 3

Update to fix Surface Pro 3 Wifi problems released

Microsoft has released a new firmware update to resolve Surface Pro 3 – No, slow or limited WiFi connectivity issues and problems. Several users have been reporting facing problems while connecting their Surface Pro 3 devices to WiFi. Some have […]

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is now available

After much hype and buzz, here comes the Surface Pro 3. Yes, Microsoft’s newest tablet-laptop hybrid is up for sales in the US and Canada. Remember, Surface Pro 3 is built to give head-on competition to laptops and boasts of […]

Surface makes users enter BitLocker recovery key at every boot

After installing a recent firmware update, many Surface 2 users are complaining of getting an annoying bug every time they boot their device. The said users are being asked the BitLocker recovery key upon every restart. The problem hasn’t led […]


Surface 2 Product Lifecycle Support policy announced

Recently the new Surface tablets – Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 along with the accessories hit the online and retail stores. Albeit many people are yet to purchase the device, Microsoft has already announced the product lifecycle for the […]

Windows 8.1 RT update is now available again in the Store

The Windows 8.1 RT update is now available again at the Windows Store. Microsoft had recently pulled down the Windows 8.1 RT update from the Windows Store, as it had reportedly bricked some Surface devices. Around 1 out of every […]

Microsoft Drops ‘RT’ Moniker from Surface RT Device

Microsoft picked up the RT moniker to describe its own ARM-based Microsoft Surface RT tablets running Microsoft Office and some other utilities. The name however, led to a lot of confusion with people struggling to find the difference between Surface […]

ASUS dumps ARM; To discontinue the production of Windows RT tablets

One of the most popular OEM in computer world, Asustek Computer Inc has announced that it is putting a stop to any further Windows RT tablets production. It is no secret that Microsoft’s tablets – Surface RT and Surface Pro […]

Microsoft slashes Surface Pro price by $100

Microsoft has cut down the price of its premium tablet – Surface Pro by about $100. Both the 64GB and 128GB models are entitled for this discount. Notably, the rebate doesn’t seem to be made worldwide yet and can only […]