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Microsoft rolls out second Firmware Update, fixes distorting Sound Issue

When Microsoft Surface, the first tablet in Microsoft’s history was out buyers reported of having audio issues with the device. Many complained of experiencing the distorted sounds after waking up their tablet from standby. However, it looks the company has […]

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Acer CEO still not happy with Microsoft Surface

Enough with the hate already but this is something which is not bogging Acer’s CEO, JT Wong who has been very much frank and forthcoming regarding his views on Microsoft Surface. At CES 2013, Wong again expressed his displeasure. Wong […]

Surface Pro launch rumored to be on January 29th

Microsoft’s Surface tablets are again in the buzz and this time the hype is all about the launch of Surface Pro tablet. Earlier Microsoft had confirmed that the device will be coming out in January, without mentioning an exact date of […]

iPad dominates the web, Kindle trails, while Surface too is way behind

Chitikia, the well-known ad network, released a report of Windows 8’s a traffic few days ago. They have come up with another interesting report. And this time it’s about Surface, one of the most ambitious projects of Microsoft. The report reveals […]

Microsoft ‘s new Surface commercial, shows how productive Surface is

Microsoft has been trying very hard to promote their Surface RT tablet. They have been trying to attract the buyers with several commercials and with street ads. Adding to this, Microsoft has came up with a new commercial of Surface RT […]

Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Now Available In Best Buy Stores And Staples

Microsoft Surface RT Tablet finally made its debut on Best Buy website on Wednesday, December 12, 2012. The Staples online store is also offering the Surface RT tablets now for the consumers. The PC-Software maker company announced on Tuesday that the […]

Surface Pro to have ‘half the battery life’ as Surface RT

After announcing the Surface Pro pricing and availability (please hyperlink), Microsoft, through its official Surface account on Twitter, replied that the Surface Pro will have ‘approximately half the battery life’ of its younger sibling, the Surface RT. The Surface RT […]

Microsoft announces Surface with Windows 8 Pro Pricing

It’s been more than a month now since Surface RT has been launched in the market. And we now know that Surface with Windows 8 Pro will be released in the market sometime in Jan 2013. Today some more information about it […]

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Microsoft launches the Surface Feedback program

Microsoft has recently launched a Surface Feedback Program to collect information from Surface RT owners on how they feel about the device. This would be of interest to users who have bought a Surface RT device after its launch on […]

Oprah Winfrey uses an iPad to praise Microsoft Surface on Twitter

After calling the Surface one of her favorite items, Oprah Winfrey took to Twitter to confess about her love for Microsoft Surface. Here is what she tweeted: Since Oprah had already praised the Surface earlier, there might be nothing new in […]

Microsoft sued over Surface Tablet storage space issue

A Los Angeles based Attorney, Andrew Sokolowski after criticizing the conduct of Microsoft Corp. has filed a suit against the company claiming it offers less usable storage space than advertised in its Surface tablet. Microsoft Surface Lawsuit The lawyer said that he […]

Microsoft building Xbox Surface, a 7-inch gaming tablet?

It looks like Microsoft is planning to manufacture a new gaming tablet which will measure around 7 inches. Various sources of news are confirming that planning and designing of the hardware is under process and most probably the name given […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Price Revealed

The pricing of Microsoft Surface Pro yet to be confirmed by Microsoft, appears to have been leaked by a German retailer known by the name They have  already come up with the price details on the tablet designed and marketed by […]

Microsoft Surface RT Teardown Reveals Cost of the Device

Most, in fact  all of the hardware components assembled together to make Microsoft’s unique product – Microsoft Surface RT are known to us. We even know its starting price ($499), don’t we? But what we certainly do not know is how […]

Acer exec: Surface launch will be a “Hard Meal” for Microsoft

Microsoft launched the much-anticipated Surface tablet 10 days back. There has been a great response from the customers as tons of pieces of the tablet has already been sold out. The whole tech community wholeheartedly praised Microsoft’s decision of entering the hardware […]


Microsoft finally starts shiping Surface to Germany, Canada & the UK

Surface, one of the most ambitious project of Microsoft, has been a big hit so far. Microsoft has managed to make a successful entry into the Tablet market, with an aim to rule the market. There has been a huge demand of the […]

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Microsoft Community updated to include Surface, Windows RT Forums

Just few days back, we have talked about the rebranding of Microsoft Answers to Microsoft Community. It has also been getting many updates. Now with the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft Community gets more updates. The Microsoft Community is updating […]

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Microsoft reveals Surface tab price; starts from $499

After dilly-dallying on the price factor for months after previewing it to the world, Microsoft has finally opened curtains, announcing the price for various versions of Microsoft Surface tablet, the new tablet device indigenously built and to-be sold by Microsoft […]

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Samsung SUR40, next version of Microsoft Surface is now available

Microsoft announced on 17th November 2011 that the next device version of Microsoft Surface, called as the Samsung SUR40 is now available for businesses to buy.  Joining hands with Samsung in bringing the second version of the Surface device from […]