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Microsoft Surface, now available in Thailand

Surface tablets from Microsoft are ready to hit the store shelves of Thailand. Both, Microsoft Surface Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro RT are now available for purchase in Thailand. While Surface Pro is seen more as an enterprise tablet, Surface RT […]

256GB Surface Pro with Office 2013 to launch in Japan

Microsoft Japan is now bringing a new version of Surface Pro with 256GB RAM. This latest tablet-laptop hybrid comes with complete MS Office 2013 and some exclusive Touch Covers. Furthermore, the device is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor […]

Surface Pro release dates for Europe announced

After confirming that the Surface Pro would be made available for the UK consumers after May 23rd, Microsoft has announced the releases schedule of its Windows 8 device for some remaining parts of Western Europe. The schedule of release for Surface […]

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet to be available in UK from May 23

After much ado, Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet will be available for sale in the UK region from next week (May 23, 2013), moving along on Microsoft’s goal of ensuring availability of both the Surface tablets in increased markets all across […]

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2nd generation Surface Tablets to debut next month?

If sources are to be believed, then we may see the next generation of Microsoft’s Surface tablets released in the next month. The current version of Surface RT tablets is already launched in countries like Malaysia and will be launched […]

Microsoft Surface Pro and RT to be available in more countries

It’s a well known fact that Microsoft Surface has been well received in the current tablet market. Recently, its sales crossed that of Google Nexus 10. As a result, Microsoft Corporation has decided to expand the horizon of the market […]

There is no need for a Surface phone – Windows Phone chief

Windows Phone is catching up with the tide, at least according to Terry Myerson, Corporate Vice President for Windows Phone at Microsoft. At the Dive Into Mobile conference in New York city, Terry sat down to speak about Windows Phone […]

Microsoft launches site to place Surface Volume Orders

Microsoft has launched the Surface commercial customer ordering site. Using this site, Enterprise, Business and Volume buyers will be able to place their orders for Surface tablet here. Using the link for your country you can order Surface devices, accessories, […]

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Surface RT and Surface Pro to be available in more countries

Microsoft has just announced that it is making Surface Pro and Surface RT in some more markets beginning late this month. Surface RT will be available in Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan in the coming months. Surface […]

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Microsoft Set to Launch Surface RT tablet in Japan

Microsoft Corp. is all set to bring Surface RT tablet computer for sale in Japan early next month. The exact date is not yet revealed but the Surface RT tablet will be in Japanese market in next few days. Microsoft […]

Ballmer: Surface is important for Microsoft & the Windows ecosystem

In an interview given to MIT Technology Review, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer talked about Windows 8, Surface and the vision of Microsoft. When asked about Surface, Ballmer said that he was glad he did Surface and that “Surface is important—and not […]

Surface Pro Teardown by iFixit reveals its internals

iFixit recently, released the findings of its teardown of Surface Pro. Microsoft’s new powerful tablet – laptop or ‘lablet’ as the folks over at iFixit referred to it as, has been torn down completely reveling its internals and components. iFixit found […]

Surface RT Now Available in 13 New Countries

Starting today, Surface RT from Microsoft will now be available in 13 news countries. The Surface RT was already available in the US , but its availability has been extended to cover other markets, as a part of the planned […]

Surface Pro has more free usable disk space than MacBook Pro

Less free space has just been one of the top reasons to complain about Microsoft Surface Pro. Regardless of the OS used, consumers feel the space advertised by Microsoft is not actually what they are getting in real. However, the […]

Microsoft launches the Surface Blog

Today the Official Surface Blog went live as Microsoft launched the Surface Blog with its inaugural post ‘Welcome to the Surface Blog’  by Panos Panay, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft. We all are very much interested in knowing behind-the-scene stories […]

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Surface Pro 64 GB version has only 23 GB free space – & 128 GB has 83 GB!

After the disappointing news that popped earlier about the Surface RT device consuming seemingly large amount of storage space leaving less-than-expected for consumers, the Surface Pro version also shares the same sob story. According to information available, Surface Pro 128 GB version […]

Microsoft to work on lowering Surface & Windows 8 tablets price points

Microsoft in its quarterly financial results, announced its quarterly revenue of $21.46 billion for the quarter ended December 31, 2012. Later Peter Klein, Chief Financial Officer, Frank Brod, Chief Accounting Officer and Chris Suh, General Manager of Investor Relations hosted […]

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Surface RT to be available in 13 new markets

Along with announcing Surface Pro’s launch and its availability from February 09, 2013, Microsoft also took to the web to announce the availability of Surface RT, the existing Surface model, in thirteen new markets. Since its launch, Surface RT is […]

Surface for Windows 8 Pro to launch on February 9 starting from $899

After initially announcing the probable launch of Surface Pro in late January 2013, Microsoft has now officially announced its availability on February 09, 2013. Often referred to as the ‘elder sibling’ to Surface RT, the Surface Pro device has better […]

Microsoft Surface Owners Experience Windows Update Issue again

Microsoft Surface community forum lately has become a busy place for reporting issues related to a firmware updates. The Windows Update has become a cause of problem for many! It is refusing to load successfully to Surface devices and even […]

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Microsoft has sold 1 million Surface units till date – Analyst

Microsoft Surface was launched amidst much fanfare and the sales were a hyped affair too. But did it live up to its hype and post strong sales figures? Or did it fall flat? Though Microsoft has refused to reveal official […]

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Surface RT is more cool than Apple, according to teenagers

It looks like Apple has lost its shine among the teenagers. Since last year many reports claimed that Apple devices  are used more by parents than kids. It still continuous this year and here comes a more interesting survey. Buzz Marketing […]

Microsoft rolls out second Firmware Update, fixes distorting Sound Issue

When Microsoft Surface, the first tablet in Microsoft’s history was out buyers reported of having audio issues with the device. Many complained of experiencing the distorted sounds after waking up their tablet from standby. However, it looks the company has […]

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Acer CEO still not happy with Microsoft Surface

Enough with the hate already but this is something which is not bogging Acer’s CEO, JT Wong who has been very much frank and forthcoming regarding his views on Microsoft Surface. At CES 2013, Wong again expressed his displeasure. Wong […]

Surface Pro launch rumored to be on January 29th

Microsoft’s Surface tablets are again in the buzz and this time the hype is all about the launch of Surface Pro tablet. Earlier Microsoft had confirmed that the device will be coming out in January, without mentioning an exact date of […]