Latest Windows 8 news.

Mobile users, Windows, Businesses, to bear the brunt of malware attacks

Internet security software giant McAfee recently released their Security Threat Predictions Report. McAfee predicts that the year 2013 will be the year of mobile security threat. Online technology is rapidly moving from computers to the mobile Smartphone and thus hackers and […]

Windows 8 now owns 2.3% of Windows traffic on the web

Well, here’s some awesome news for Microsoft! Chitika, one of the leading brands in the advertisement sector, has published a report claiming the fact that Windows 8 now owns 2.3% of Windows traffic on the web, in just 2 months of its debut. This […]

Nokia planning to develop a 10-inch Windows 8 tablet

Nokia, the Finnish giant although not having any expertise in manufacturing tablets is planning to build and sell a 10-inch Microsoft Windows RT tablet. The rumor comes from an industry hardware watcher Digitimes which suggests Nokia has discussed its plans with Microsoft […]

Dell Scraps Android Smartphones for Windows 8 Tablets

Michael Dell – the Founder of Dell, previously hinted that the company was planning to drop Android in favor of Windows 8. We see that coming to be true. The company as our sources report isn’t planning on returning to the Android […]

Google not interested in developing Native Apps for Windows 8

Google has no interest in developing apps for Windows 8. The company’s app product management director Clay Bavor, in an interview to a British tech website said that it has no plans of building Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 […]

Microsoft announces Surface with Windows 8 Pro Pricing

It’s been more than a month now since Surface RT has been launched in the market. And we now know that Surface with Windows 8 Pro will be released in the market sometime in Jan 2013. Today some more information about it […]

Microsoft sells 40 million Windows 8 licenses in first month!

Microsoft today announced that it had sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses till-date which makes it a month since Windows 8 was launched on 26th October 2012. At the Credit Suisse 2012 Annual Technology Conference, Tami Reller, Chief Marketing Officer and […]

Windows 8 Start Screen & Tiles show up on Conde Nast’s 14 magazine covers

Microsoft is going all guns-blazing promoting Windows 8. With a reported $1.8 billion advertising budget, Microsoft is making sure that it is exploiting all forms of media and advertising. While ads in news papers and magazines are common place, what has […]

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Luxury Airlines Emirates to deploy 1000 HP Windows 8 tablets on-flight

The good efforts of Microsoft over building a robust environment with Windows 8 seems to have brought them many takers, with Emirates being the latest one. During the Windows 8 launch event in Dubai, Emirates announced that it would equip its […]

Windows 8 with Windows Defender blocked 85% of malware thrown at it

The introduction of Windows 8 marked an important milestone in more than 30 years of operating system development for US vendor Microsoft. The new operating system boasts a major overhaul in terms of visuals as well as massive changes of […]

Google Search app for Windows 8 now available at Windows Store

Google decided that it would not take a back seat while Microsoft decided to push Bing on Windows 8, via its beautifully designed Bing App. As a result it launched the Get Your Google Back campaign recently.  As a part of […]

Microsoft confirms that DirectX 11.1 will be ‘Windows 8 only’

Microsoft has confirmed that DirectX 11.1 will be made available for Windows 8 only and that Windows 7 and previous versions will not be getting it. Wrote Microsoft’s Daniel Moth on Microsoft Answers: DirectX 11.1 is part of Windows 8, […]

Windows 8 users experience 55% lesser crashes than Windows 7 users

Windows 8 adoption rates are rather encouraging and the reason behind is the improved functionality and stability. Statistics say that 9% users in Portugal, 6% users in Hungary and 8% users in China have made the transition from Windows 7 […]

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Windows 8 Launch : Watch Live Stream

Finally the day has arrived, Windows 8 along with Surface will go live throughout the world. According to official Redmond sources, Windows 8 will be launched at today at 08:15 PT / 20:45 IST / 11:15 EDT.   From the […]

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Microsoft launches Windows 8 advertising campaign

Microsoft is all set to unveil Windows 8 globally on the 26th of October. As it enters the final countdown, it has launched the advertising campaign for Windows 8 in 42 countries. Music is at the heart of the campaign […]

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Microsoft starts airing Windows 8 commercials

Microsoft has released its first TV commercial for Windows 8 – with its launch date approaching fast. Windows 8 official product launch is all set for 26th Oct 2012. These advertisement titled “Windows 8 is coming soon’  is already being aired on […]

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Vizio announces bloatware-free Signature Windows 8 PCs

Ahead of Microsoft’s latest OS release – Windows 8, the late entrant in the competition, Vizio today announced its new Windows 8 Holiday Lineup consisting of 2 Ultrabooks, a notebook and 2 all-in-one desktops. These new AIOs are result of Vizio’s collaboration with […]

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Firefox Metro Preview for Windows 8 announced

One of the most loved web browsers, Mozilla Firefox has now announced the first preview release of it Firefox browser for Windows 8. Mozilla on its blog announced the first preview release of the browser. Here is a short summary of the features […]

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New MSN for Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 unveiled

Microsoft has revealed a brand new interface for that will greet the users on Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8 users. The new interface has been designed exclusively for Windows 8, since the all new MSN will be the […]

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Windows 8 will usher in new innovative PC designs

Many leading brands that partnered Windows as OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) showcased their products at IFA, Berlin. These products (Tablets, PCs) include some amazing hardware innovations and they would be introduced in the market with Windows 8, this October. Companies like […]

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ATIV Windows 8 Tablet announced by Samsung

Along with the release of Samsung’s ATIV S Windows 8 Phone, Samsung has also announced ATIV Windows 8 Tablet. This tablet is simply amazing as it is a combination of a Windows RT and ARM processors, which are quite in […]