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Microsoft’s Office Universal App will be available by 30th April

Microsoft Corporation announced that it would be releasing Office Universal app for devices powered by Windows 10 by 30th April. The information update was provided by Jared Spataro who heads the Office marketing team at Microsoft. Mr. Spataro also spent […]

Microsoft announces adding of New Features to Azure Media Services

Microsoft announced the launch of several new services and corresponding certifications to their Azure cloud platform. These new additions to the Azure Media Services are geared towards enabling its media and broadcasting partners to manage “end-to-end cloud based media workflows, […]

MDLIVE & Microsoft to leverage Skype for Business as Enterprise Tool

Digital health services provider MDLIVE announced that it has tied up with Microsoft Corporation. The collaboration will allow the Chicago based healthcare solution provider to offer its subscription based “Virtual Medical Office software platform” to its paying customers via the […]


Is Google buying Twitter, the same as Microsoft buying Yahoo?

Rumors of the search engine giant Google, buying-out micro blogging website, Twitter resurface time and again. Apparently the unexpected rise by 4% of Twitter stock price was triggered by one such new rumor. Further, there were claims by media reports […]

spartan browser

JavaScript experts give Thumbs Up to Microsoft’s Spartan Browser

Microsoft Corporation according to JavaScript experts scores full-points with its brand new browser ‘Spartan’ in latest release of Windows 10. Many claim that there is no hint of Microsoft’s signature feel to Spartan. Reviewing the browser, JavaScript expert Simon Bisson […]

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Microsoft Corporation’s announced Job Cuts on Track

As employees of Microsoft Corporation and the industry digest further job cuts announced by the company, they are not unexpected claims the company. Confirming the job cuts, the company reported that the new phase of job cuts were part of […]

Kinect for Windows v2 Sensors

Microsoft discontinues Kinect for Windows v2 Sensors

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced on Thursday, that, it would no longer produce the Kinect for Windows v2 sensors, since Kinect for Xbox One will do the needful. In a press release, the Kinect Windows Team claimed that the Kinect for […]

Skype and Skype Qik updated

Skype and Skype Qik updated with new features for different platforms

Microsoft’s most favored calling product, Skype and the video version, Skype Qik Video App received a new rush of features and updates on Thursday. The popular VOIP, now a full-fledged Microsoft product has new updates for different platforms. Skype updates […]


Microsoft establishes a new company called called Microsoft Payments

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), according to applications filed before regulatory bodies, may be working on a potential online payment system, exclusive to its platform. The suggestion that the Redmond-giant may have a new service for mobile-payment up its sleeve was accidently […]

Teen from Indiana pleads guilty in Microsoft and Valve Hacking Case

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) games and those produced by other big names such as Valve and Epic, were subject to hacking for data between 2012 and April 2014. The hacking was purportedly carried out by a teenage group and data stolen […]

Skype credit can be bought from The Western Union Company

The Western Union Company (NYSE:WU) will be the physical partner for Microsoft-promoted internet calling service Skype to send money to family and friends and to buy Skype credit. Skype attempts to grow to be the platform which delivers ‘life’s moments’ […]

Microsoft adopts ISO/IEC 27018 Certification; assures customers Of Data Protection

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has become the first major cloud service provider to acquire the ISO/IEC 27018 Certification for cloud privacy. This certification is the first global standard created for cloud privacy. Microsoft assures customers Of Data Protection Cloud computing has […]

Xbox One

Microsoft Xbox’s Ups and Downs becoming a Gaming Behemoth

Xbox early days were not all sweet and merry as many people would wish to think, affirms Lorne Lanning in an interview with Oddworld Inhabitants. Apparently, a number of ideas were floated here and there of how Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) […]

Microsoft committed to the Values of Net Neutrality: VP

India remains a key market for Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) just like other emerging markets that have in the recent past shown their huge potential affirms Gurdeep Singh Pall, vice president for voice and video calling service Skype. The Birla Institute […]


Meerkat decide to take Periscope head on; launches new features

Meerkat has announced that it was taking the battle with Periscope seriously, by laying out several new features. Periscope is a new live video streaming app that is backed by Twitter, and threatens to challenge Meerkat head-on. Since the launch, […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook to donate his wealth to Charity

Tim Cook who is now almost a billionaire, answering to a question from Fortune said that he is going to pay for his nephew’s college education and donate the remaining wealth to philanthropic projects. Tim Cook follows the path of Warren […]

Free Microsoft Azure for Student Developers announced

Microsoft has a great news for Student developers. The company has made an announcement that it is providing Azure services at absolutely no cost for student developers. Students can take full advantage of this new offering as it provides a […]

Sphere 3D

Microsoft and Sphere3D develop Windows Containers for Azure

Microsoft now adds Sphere 3D as its strategic partner to deliver Windows containers for Azure. This move will help in the further simplification of migration of Windows applications, to cloud infrastructures, without any dependencies on hardware or software platforms. To begin […]

Microsoft collaborates with various organizations to bring value to customers

The Microsoft Convergence 2015 that took place recently in Atlanta, brought about a lot of new announcements from Microsoft. One of these announcements was Microsoft’s collaboration with various industry leaders in order to bring value to the customers. This collaboration […]

The Google Store launched – Replaces Google Play

The search giant – Google derives a major chunk of its global profits from web searches. This profitability has enabled the company to come up with a brand new online store, dedicated just for hardware products. Google Store The new […]


Lenovo gets notice from Attorney General George Jepsen over adware Superfish

Chinese multinational, Lenovo is in troubled waters for sure over Superfish adware controversy. We broke the story of Lenovo machines being sold with pre-installed Superfish Adware for the period of September 2014 to January 2015. The company later clarified that […]


No adult content, Google warns Sex Bloggers

Now bloggers have to be more careful while creating adult content on Google’s Blogger website. Google has warned sex bloggers that any blog that contains sexually explicit images, videos or graphic nudity as well as content will be marked as […]

legacy contact

Facebook Legacy Contact lets you manage account even after death

Now stay alive even after your death with Facebook Legacy Contact, a new feature recently added by Facebook. Legacy contact allows users to nominate a family member or a friend to have control over their Facebook profile afterlives. Facebook is […]


Google agrees to tell people how it collects their personal info in UK

After facing huge pressure from Europe’s data protection regulators, Google, the search engine giant, has finally agreed to change its ‘Privacy policy’. By accepting the promise of Privacy policy change, Google agrees to inform their users in a better way […]

Digits login

Twitter launches Digits login for web

Twitter has launched its first ever developer kit that lets the mobile app developers to embed Digits login for the app’s website. This way, Digits login platform is used for website’s login, instead of the conventional password process. Twitter mentions […]